Celebrities Who Check Out Mark Gilbert Guitars

Steve Balbi Signature

Professional Guitarists & Musicians

Billy Whitton
Hobart’s hardest working bluesman, the brilliant Billy Whitton plays a sassafras Gilbert Guitar at the Hobart Blues Club.

Pat Drummond
Pat,  lead guitarist with the band Ol’55, was a significant factor in their huge success on the Australian music scene in the seventies. Here is Pat with his signature Mark Gilbert Guitar.

Richard Smith
Richard is a full professor teaching guitar at the University of Southern California. He is also one of the world’s best smooth jazz guitarists. Here he gigs with a Gilbert blackwood and Huon Pine custom guitar.

Maki Shizusawa
Brilliant Japanese blues guitarist Maki Shizusawa, tries out Wolf Mail’s signature Gilbert guitar.

Leo Sayer
Pop superstar Leo Sayer casts a discerning eye over Wolf Mail’s latest Mark Gilbert guitar.

Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges
Here the legendary bluesman tries out Wolf Mail’s signature guitar.

Rick Brewster
Guitarist for iconic Australian rock band “The Angels”, Rick Brewster, with one of Mark Gilbert’s custom guitars.

Jak Housden
Jak Housden of “The Bad Loves” and “The Whitlams” gigs with Steve Balbi’s signature Gilbert guitar.

John Brewster
John Brewster of “The Angels”, checks out a Mark Gilbert guitar.

Kevin Borich
Blues rock legend Kevin Borich tries out one of Wolf Mail’s signature Mark Gilbert guitars.

Brian Ritchie
Bass Player for the Violent Femmes and curator of Mona Foma, here Brian is trying out one of my blackheart sassafras guitars.

Jim Moginie
Guitarist for iconic Australian band Midnight Oil, Jim Moginie tries out my Musk topped guitar with Klein vintage pickups..

Sergei Voronov
Sergei, guitarist and singer in the iconic Russian Blues band “The Crossroadz”, checks out Wolf Mail’s signature Gilbert guitar.

Joseph Calderazzo
C.C. Entertainment’s Joseph Calderazzo tries out Wolf Mail’s Huon Pine Gilbert guitar affectionally named “B.C”.

Francois Poussereau
Brilliant rock guitarist Francois Poussereau, jams with Wolf Mail at his home in the south of France.

Johnny LaPorte
Dutch guitarist Johnny Laporte
(who famously was the man who first bought Albert Collins to Europe),
plays a Mark Gilbert guitar.

Ian Dicko Dickson
Music Industry, television and radio celebrity and personality Dicko admires this Mark Gilbert “Thylacine” guitar, which had just been put through it’s paces by Wolf Mail.

Pete Cornelius
Tasmanian bluesman, Pete Cornelius, tries out a Sassafras Mark Gilbert guitar.

Brodie Rainbird
Brodie Rainbird,  lead guitarist with Tasmania’s hugely successful country band, The Wolfe Brothers, gigs with this beautiful Huon Pine and Tasmanian Blackwood Mark Gilbert guitar.

Dave “Eddo” Edmonson
Eddo, guitarist from ex Tasmanian rockabilly band the Sin and Tonics and now fronting Yesterday’s Gentlemen, rocks out with a Mark Gilbert guitar.

Greg Souter
One of Tasmania’s leading music educators, Greg is also a very handy guitar player who can regularly be seen playing around Tasmania. Here he plays a Sassafras Gilbert guitar with Joe Barden pickups.