Design Your Own Customised Mark Gilbert Guitar

Blackheart Sassafras

What Goes Into a Mark Gilbert Guitar

Totally customised Mark Gilbert guitars. No two pieces of wood are the same, ensuring that whichever piece of unique Tasmanian timber is chosen for your guitar, the resulting instrument will definitely be a one-of-a-kind creation.

In addition to the variety of timbers available, customer inlays can be incorporated into the body, finger board or back of the headstock. (Wolf Mail’s personal guitar has a portrait of Albert Collins inlaid).

Optional forearm and belly contours can be incorporated for playing comfort.

You can also customise your guitar from a range of high quality components.


• All with a laminated ‘breadboard’ construction topped with a ‘cap’ or ‘veneer’ on the front surface.
• Bodies are chambered for lighter weight and increased resonance.
• Backs – Tasmanian Blackwood, often with feature trim.
• Fronts – Figured Tasmanian Blackwood; Figured Eucalypt, Huon Pine; Blackheart or Spalted Sassafras; Musk; Burled, Striped or Tiger Myrtle.
• Feature Trim – Huon Pine , Myrtle, Sassafras, or Tasmanian Oak.
• Control Plates are cutout of body cap wood to match grain and pattern of the guitar top.


• Tasmanian Blackwood, Myrtle or Tiger Myrtle (When available).
•22 frets (medium/wide or jumbo), 640 mm scale with 9.5 inch radius.


• Custom inlays can be produced on the fretboard or body of the guitar.


• Klein – Handmade vintage style pickups from Texas. 59 PAF, P90s, Esquire , Telecaster, Firebird or Mini Humbucker.
• Bare Knuckle – British handmade pickups of the highest quality.
• Lollar – Superb U.S. made pickups.
• EMG-T or the EMG-TC (the hotter ceramic magnet set, EMG 85, 60.
• TV Jones – P90, Classics or Powertrons.
• Graphtec Ghost Piezo System (On-board pre amp with Resomax Piezo Bridge).

Machine Heads (Tuners)

• Gotoh 510, Schecter or Schaller Locking Tuners. Planet Waves Locking & Self Trimming.


• Schaller 3-D6 Roller Bridge.
• Schaller 456 Combination Bridge (Adjustable tuners).
• Schaller 455 Combination Bridge.
• Gotoh 510.
• Graphtech Resomax.


• C.T.S. American made control pots.
• C.R.L. or Switchcraft 3- Way switches.
• Sprague Orange drop capacitors.
• Vintage cloth wiring.
• Switchcraft jacks with Electrosocket jack plate.

Striped Sassafras