Renowned Artists Endorsing Guitars By Mark Gilbert

Wolf Mail Signature

Wolf Mail


Blues rock guitarist and singer Wolf Mail has recorded 6 full length albums, internationally distributed and has toured in over 26 countries. Wolf has a global presence and has played to sell-out tours around the world. Wolf Mail plays Mark Gilbert guitars exclusively and is the proud owner of four such instruments.

“To the man behind the Wolf Mail sound, Mr. Mark Gilbert – Thank You!”

Peter Northcote

You may or may not know Pete Northcote……but you certainly have heard him! WINNER OF THE 2007 MUSICOZ “BEST INSTRUMENTALIST” AWARD. Arguably the most recorded guitarist in Australian history, IN PETE NORTHCOTE’S SPACE… NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM! Turn on the TV and he plays on 90% of the ads you see and hear. Pick your favourite show and there’s a good chance he’s played guitar or written the music. Peter can also be heard in the house band on channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise every week.

“Mark’s guitars invoke a kind of organic playing style in me. To feel and play his guitars is an experience I have not received from any other instrument. When you own a GILBERT guitar, your whole playing style is enhanced and you can almost hear your own DNA!!! I’m in love!”


Tommy Chung


Often called “The Father of the Blues in Hong Kong”, Tommy was the first local artist to release blues CDs there. He opened the first blues club in Hong Kong and was opening act in the first blues club to open in Beijing. Tommy is considered by many to be the foremost blues guitarist in Hong Kong.

“When Mark Gilbert told me he would build me a guitar to my requirements, I expected a fabulous guitar. Later, when the guitar arrived, there were no surprises – The guitar is fabulous.”

Steve Balbi

Most people know Steve as the bass player from Noiseworks, but Steve actually prefers to play guitar and he is a damn good guitarist. One of Australia’s best contemporary songwriters Steve’s signature Gilbert guitar takes pride of place in his recording studio.

“I believe creating good sound is all about character. The guitar Mark Gilbert made for me has a Sound of its own, that’s what makes it special”


Tommy Chung Signature