Superbly handcrafted electric guitars made from beautiful special species Tasmanian Timbers.


The Woods

Each Mark Gilbert Guitar is made from the best, sustainably sourced Tasmanian wood including:
Figured Tasmanian Blackwood, Musk, Black Heart Sassafras, Myrtle (Burled, Striped and Tiger) and Huon Pine.

Australian Forestry Standards

For information of these unique species of Tasmanian special timbers, visit   Island Specialty Timbers.


The Woods

The vast majority of these woods are sourced from Chain of Custody certified suppliers. A world first, Fine Timber Tasmania’s Chain of Custody is an innovative and credible program that guarantees the exotic Tasmanian timber has been legally sourced from a sustainable managed forest and represents a responsible purchase decision.

These woods offer a distinctly natural looking guitar. No two pieces of wood are the same and each guitar is unique.

To further enhance the uniqueness of a Mark Gilbert Guitar, purchasers can customise the instrument with a choice of high quality components, as well as specifying custom inlays on the body or fret board.

Mark Gilbert Guitars was established in 2010 and our guitars are highly prized by today’s musicians including Wolf Mail and session maestro Peter Northcote.

Peter Northcote 3 Cats