Superbly handcrafted electric guitars made from beautiful special species Tasmanian timbers

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The Construction Process

The Process

All Mark Gilbert Guitars are completely handmade from start to finish. NO CNC routers or automated machinery is used in the shaping or carving of the neck or body. Your Gilbert guitar is built solely by the one luthier – from start to finish – with the utmost care and attention to detail given to every stage of construction.

The crucial placement of frets are marked out with precision by a computer guided laser engraver, then hand cut with a high quality Japanese fret saw.

The neck itself is hand carved utilising rasps and spoke shave. All final sanding is done by hand to guarantee a flawless finish.

To guarantee precision in joinery, 10mm thick laser-cut acrylic router templates are used when routing the neck pocket, pick-up and control cavities.

All Mark Gilbert Guitars are finished with a very high quality (Italian two-pack) polyurethane finish.

This hard and durable clear coat (in gloss or satin) highlights the beauty of the Tasmanian special species
timbers used in the guitar’s construction.

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