• Do you do repairs?

         I only do repairs to guitars that I have built myself. I do not do repairs on other brands of guitars.

  • Can I order a custom guitar to my own specifications?

          You can choose from any of the four body shapes shown on this  website. All guitars have bolt on necks (utilising stainless steel inserts and bolts, not wood screws.) You can choose from a large range of componentry. You can have chrome, nickle, gold or black  components.

          I retain the right to refuse a build that is not in keeping with the Gilbert Guitars ethos.

  • Can I pick my own wood?

          All Gilbert Guitars are built exclusively from special species Tasmanian timbers, with the exception of the fretboards, which are Indonesian ebony.There is a large range of of special species book-matched tops which the customer can choose from. I will not build with customer supplied timber as it will most likely not be Chain of Custody certified wood.

  • Can I order a custom scale length neck?

         I use 640mmscale lengths on my M.C., 25.5 inch scale lengths on my B.G. Classic, Firestorm and Surfmaster and 29 inch scale lengths on my baritone guitars.

  • Do you build a bass guitar?

         A Gilbert Guitars bass is currently is planned for future development.

  • What finish is used on Gilbert Guitars?

         I use a high quality Italian two pack polyurethane – buffed to a high gloss finished. The back of my necks is usually in a satin in order to aid playability. I don’t relic my guitars.

  • What is the build/delivery time for a custom Gilbert Guitar?

         Usually 12 to 14 weeks, but it may take longer, depending on my current workload.

  • How much does a custom Gilbert Guitar cost?

         Prices are from $5000 to $6000 Aud depending on componentry , pickups, top timber selected and complexity of any inlay work. A hard case and quality leather strap is included in the price. An upfront 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of the build. Full payment, along with any shipping costs is required before the guitar is released to the customer. 

         Payment by electronic bank deposit is prefered.

  • Do you supply to international customers?

         Yes I do. Shipping is by DHL International, unless the customer arranges their own shipping. All international deliveries must be insured at the customers expense.