My Story

Originally a primary school teacher, Mark later moved into graphic design. Some 17 years ago he established his own design/promotional items business but a lifelong interest in music and guitars is where he saw his future. So, Mark started making  electric guitars, using Tasmanian Special Timbers.

He admits that the first few he made had the bandsaw put through them, but as with any craft you persevere to learn and you improve. And improve he did.

Mark’s guitars are now used by some of the world’s very best guitarists. The first being an infamous gig at the Lauderdale pub where Wolf Mail was playing. Mark’s wife Karen informed Wolf that “Mark makes guitars” and then drove back to their home to get one to show him. Needless to say, Wolf was impressed and the following night played some sets with Mark’s guitar.

Through this and other introductions Mark’s guitars are now made to order for both discerning amateurs and internationally acclaimed professional musicians:
Richard Smith, Stig Mathisen and Brian Ritchie among them.

Boutique electric guitars, custom built from only the finest materials and utilising the the highest quality components.

  • The finest quality components from companies such as Gotoh, Schaller, Hipshot, Kluson, Electrosocket and Schecter.
  • Pickups by Lindy Fralin, T.V. Jones, Joe Barden, Seymour Duncan, Lollar and Bareknuckle
  • Electronics by Sprague, Switchcraft, CRL, Freeway and CTS

Our Timbers

Each Mark Gilbert Guitar is made from the best, sustainably sourced Tasmanian wood including: Figured Tasmanian Blackwood, Musk, Black Heart Sassafras, Myrtle (Burled, Striped and Tiger) and Huon Pine. Mark’s guitars showcase Tasmanian Special Timbers in their most striking, decorative form. The only non-Tasmanian timber used is Indonesian Ebony because of its unique hardness as the fret board. His instruments are examples of how our Special Timbers specific attributes and high-level design, craftsmanship and passion combine to link Tasmania’s timber-crafting culture to the international music culture.

The vast majority of these woods are sourced from Chain of Custody certified suppliers. A world first, Fine Timber Tasmania’s Chain of Custody is an innovative and credible program that guarantees the exotic Tasmanian timber has been legally sourced from a sustainable managed forest and represents a responsible purchase decision.

These woods offer a distinctly natural looking guitar. No two pieces of wood are the same and each guitar is unique.